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The Urban "I Do!"

Your perfect wedding celebration is one that takes place slap bang in the middle of the hustle and bustle - and we get it. Inspired by images of slick city rooftop soirees, or grand hotel ballrooms looking out onto busy streets, there was no question you could be parted from the city on your big day!


You’ve booked the glamorous city venue, and now all you need is the cool, contemporary band to deliver that pitch-perfect ambience.


Enter The Beat Boutique!


The guys have performed at every wedding hotspot in Ireland's cities, and are pro’s at channeling that distinctive city sophistication. Allow the guys to mesmerise your guests with their tailor-made setlist for your urban affair. 

The band has set themselves apart and have paved their way on Ireland’s boutique wedding scene. With an original repertoire of music that spans the eras, and a sharp, contemporary look, The Beat Boutique are the band you've been looking for."

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