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Our Privacy Policy




Our site uses cookies to help tailor your experience onside and provide you with the content you want. Almost all sites use cookies in this way. Your cookies do not contain personal data about you and will not identify you as a user. Every time someone comes on our site, we notify them that our site uses cookies and they consent to this by clicking ‘Accept’.


Our site contains links to external sites so if you click these and leave our site, the rules change and you may no longer be asked your consent to use cookies. Once you leave our site, you are no longer governed by the terms of Our Privacy Policy or our website’s terms of service.



What We Do With Your Information


When you provide us with your email address when enquiring about your wedding date or our upcoming showcases, we store your email address to keep you up to date on our future gigs. If you book with us, we also store your email address to enable us to contact you from the point of booking right up until your wedding day.


We will never share your information with third-party sites or services.


If for any reason you’d like us to remove your email address from our list, just shout and get in touch here. Feel free to opt-out at any time – the choice is yours.

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