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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are The Beat Boutique?

We are a band, we are distinctly boutique and we have a fabulous beat. The name says it all.


What if I'm opting for a civil ceremony? 

Check out Civil Ceremonies with MusicAngel to discover cool acts for your do and to get some ideas and advice for planning. 


So, you only play "boutique" venues?

In a word, no. Although our style and vibe are both strictly boutique, our sound is as versatile as a chameleon, and twice as colourful! We play a range of venues and cover music of all genres (well, our death-metal repetoire is a little lacking) so we'll have no trouble tailoring our act to suit your special day!


How long will you be on stage?

The band take to the stage for 2.5 hours including a 15-minute break - usually coinciding with your canapes.

Do you guys provide all the gear and assemble it too?

That's right - we roll up the sleeves and set up all the lighting and sound equipment. And it only takes us 40 minutes.

What instruments do you gents play?

​The Beat Boutique is composed of four very different guys -  Pete Maguire, Steve Hogan, Carl Malone and Ben Shorten. With Pete taking vocals and guitar, Ben on piano and vocals, Carl on vocals and bass, and Steve on drums, you can be assured that this will be one amazing night.

How do you guys dress?  

We consider ourselves men of discernible style and are quite partial to dolling ourselves up for the fun of it. We work on the style principle of ‘Old Hollywood Noir’, hence the sharp suits and tailored look, we are sophisticated, unique and classy.

Are my guests in danger of going deaf?

We would like to ensure through our hopefully long-lived careers that the band doesn’t fall upon deaf ears and thus, you can rest assured that we keep our noise to an acceptable level and adjust it accordingly on the night.

Are The Beat Boutique 100% live?

The Beat Boutique are 100% live, we don’t use any of the naughty backing tracks that you may find with other bands. That means we are open to improv performances so if you are sprung with a sudden urge to re-enact M.C Hammer’s ‘Can't Touch This’ and it’s not on our set playlist, we will do everything we can to make a beat and find a tempo for you.

Can we have first dibs on the playlist?

With pleasure. If you have a particular first dance song that you’d like to see begin the celebrations, by all means, let us know. If on the other hand, you would like to see a song played that is not on the set-list or if you’d like us to play a waltz set, tell us and we’ll do what we can to make it happen.

Who's gonna answer to my every whim?​

Our full-time booking agent Joanna Brennan will be at your beck and call. Joanna works day and night to ensure everything on the day goes according to plan and infrequently takes time out. She is often found uttering her beloved pun ‘Aisle Be There’ to the amusement of her future couples.

Something golden for the Oldies you say?


For those of ripe old age, we of course have a repertoire of possibilities. We can play anything from The Beatles to the Monkees, to Sinatra and to Elvis, with a bitta' Bill Withers and Otis Redding for good measure. If you fancy a waltz or a jive instead, that’s good too, we’ll throw together a bit of Little Richard or Chuck Berry himself. The extensive set list gives us a ton of possibilities for spring chickens and oldies alike.



Can we see you live?​

Of course, you can, it would give us infinite pleasure, check out our next showcase.

Have you frequented my venue previously?

Seeing as this band has had a wealth of worldly experience in the industry, the most likely answer is yes, we have played at your venue before and would love to do so again.

How do we book?​

We ask for a booking deposit to secure the entertainment and once this is received,  a booking form will be issued to you to garner all the details and your date is efficiently blocked from our calendar, as it is now your date.

Can you guarantee a night of entertainment that excites, engages and encapsulates fun and sophistication?​

Yes. That is all.

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