So we hit upon the main event.

The Beat Boutique Trio are composed of three very different guys - Russell Smyth, Pete Maguire and Steve Hogan. With Pete taking vocals, Russell on piano (also covering bass on the left hand - for real) and Steve on drums, you can be assured that this will be one amazing night.

By combining their vocals, cleverly covering the sonic range and hitting it hard, this trio can replicate and exceed the arrangements of a conventional 4-piece, so contemporary material rocks when it needs to. 


The Beat Boutique play a variety of genres and eras from old school jazz to contemporary modern, offering a sophisticated ritzy appeal throughout the night. They are in their element when giving an ALL LIVE performance to a crowd and from the first dance, to the very last fleeting footsteps on the dance-floor, The Beat Boutique maintain the highest level in professionalism, passion and panache.


The name Beat Boutique conjures up images of an intimate, specialised and ultra-sophisticated ensemble (and this we most certainly are!). However, this doesn't mean we confine ourselves exclusively to small, bespoke settings.


To be honest, we're as comfortable playing to 10 people as 250. Versatility is the name of our game (versatile boutique doesn't quite have the same ring though, does it?) and as long as we're playing good music, we're happy!

Evening Band