The Beat Boutique Philosophy

Here at The Beat Boutique Towers, we live by a certain ethos, to ensure that our couples are provided with a stress-free, exciting and unforgettable day. 7 Deadly Vows we live by to ensure you have an amazing, unforgettable day....

Our 7 Deadly Vows For A Cool Day

Love The Music

We love music. We love performing. And given an open stage and the potential to ignite and excite the hearts of a loved-up duo, we simply cannot resist giving it our all. We will always strive to give the ultimate in contemporary performance for our couples and are proud to say we are 100% professional, punctual and prepared at all times.

Tailored For Your Needs

So you are trying to nail a certain vibe? The Beat Boutique understand. And we work with this. As well as giving the ultimate performance, we tailor our performance to suit your little hearts desires. Have special requests? Not a bother. Want the lads to don a trilby or two as it fits in with your theme? Our pleasure. We love making sure it is your wedding and we will do the utmost to tailor to your vibe, no matter how obscure.

Make Friends

People make friends at weddings and new people enter one another’s paths. So do we. We pride ourselves on maintaining long-lasting relationships with all of our couples and we will be there for you beyond the wedding and well into your future.

Stay Green

We like to also take a stance on social issues. The Beat Boutique re-cycle where possible, we consistently strive to reduce our carbon footprint when calculating mileage costs and always choose the most environmentally friendly option. So you know that not only are The Beat Boutique performers and friends, but we are also eco-warriors. On stage. At your wedding. Talk about multi-tasking.

The Spice Of Life

The Beat Boutique are a liberated, open and non-discriminatory band. We like to consider ourselves as taking a stand against inequality in the wedding industry. Therefore, we would love to play at your wedding irregardless of your sex, denomination , preferences or lifestyle. Society is the inclusion of variety and we back this up 100%.

Play Fair

We are homegrown and do our best to support our economy. Which is why you will find us buying supplies, instruments and equipment in Irish retail shops, not online from China. All of our employees, DJs, contractors or anyone involved in the work that goes on behind the scenes of The Beat Boutique are paid promptly and in full. You have to play fair.

Nothing But The Truth

We are not liars. George Washington once wisely said that it is better to offer no excuse than a bad one. We agree. If we have something to say, we will say it and we won’t talk you into anything or pretend things are not what they are.

This is your wedding and we like to keep it this way. To ensure this, we actively encourage you to contact previous couples for the chats and to get an idea of what to expect. We also love seeing your faces at our live showcases!

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