Spotted : 15th DEC'13 - Siobhan and Terry's Shindig at the Leixlip Manor

The Beat On The Street


Where and at whose nuptials have the Beat Boutique been spotted lately?

SCOOP:"After hitting off with Don't Stop Me Now, we were dancing until the small hours and Pete, the lead, even stayed on for a sing song sess at the end"

Spotted : 14th DEC'13 - Carrie and Michael's Urban Chic Do at Fallon & Byrne

Spotted : 3rd JAN'14 - David and Laura's Celebrations at The Merrion Hotel, Dublin

Spotted : 30th DEC'13 - Maria and John's Do at the Wineport Lodge

Spotted : 21ST MARCH'14 - Caroline and Aaron's Big Day at Tankardstown House,  Dublin

SCOOP: Australian groom Aaron fancied a bit of INXS, AC/DC and even made a special request for his beloved Sweet Caroline to be played!

Spotted : 29Sth MARCH'14 - Hitting up the Leixlip House Hotel for Niamh and John's Day

Spotted : 4th April'14 - Love was in the air(quite literally) at Sinead and Ruaii's celebration in the Clontarf Castle

SCOOP: When we say Love Was in the Air, we truly mean it. Gymnast-bride Sinead and her hubby were held aloft in the air by guests amidst a dancefloor of trains and dance-offs. What a Night.

Spotted : 24th May'14 - "No Run of the Mill" celebration at Teresa and Ruairi''s big day at The Millhouse, Slane

Spotted : 26th June 2014 Rael and Norah's Mount Juliet extravaganza at Mount Juliet in Kilkenny












SCOOP: These two lovebirds charmed audiences with the ultimate display of affection, when groom Rael dedicated Etta James's "At Last" to Nora. We're getting teary just thinking about it.  What a Night.

Spotted20th September 2014 Aisling & James Quah's Songbird's soirée at The Angler's rest 

SCOOP: These guys loved our modern take on jives and waltzes, dancing into the wee hours. Though they took a break from boogieing to serenade each other! Aww!