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Lets Drum Up

You know that Florence and The Machine song. ‘’There’s a drumming noise inside my head, it starts when you’re around’’. She even describes the noise as ‘’Sweeter than heaven’’. It’s for this reason that we incorporate drums into our performance.

Drums give a band the energy, the punch, the sass required to make a room want to dance. It’s true. Try to imagine the Beatles without Ringo Star. It just doesn’t work does it? Being a small band, we can fit these drums in anywhere and we can ensure at the same time, that they don’t impeach the crowd listening, being kept at the optimum sound level by our dear talented drummer Hogan. See our Hogan Was Here page, he’s pretty much a legend round this block.

Without real drums, a performance would completely lack oomph. That is why wherever we,  The Beat Boutique find ourselves, we always have our beloved drums at our side and why consequently, we can put the panache into our performance.

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